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Happy Customers at Santa Fe Airport!

 This is so convenient, hope it stays forever!

? I love our convenient airport in Santa Fe. And $3 a day for parking is pretty good, too.

? Love flying out of Santa Fe. When I plan my trips ahead it is cheaper & less expensive & much more convenient than driving with the unbelievably/dangerous fast drivers on the road to Abq! They are going to improve the Santa Fe airport experience!

? My daughter has flown out and to the Santa Fe airport to New York (connecting from Dallas) many times. Much easier (and many times less expensive) than traveling from Albuquerque.

? I fly out of Santa Fe several times a year and have had nothing but great service from counter to plane! I love not having to drive to Albuquerque!

? I like the convenience of course being a native Santa Fean and not having to drive to Alb.

? I love this airport and fly in and out of it a *lot*. Thanks for your service - looking forward to expanded services and an easier load for TSA with that new equipment!


Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce